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Mel Baldridge


Mel is the Founder and President of Tutti Quanti, LLC, a woman-owned recruiting firm. Having originally launched her career in the IT industry, she has gained over 10 years of expertise recruiting for various industries, from entry-level to C-suite positions. Mel has earned her clients’ trust by cultivating meaningful partner relationships that reflect her unwavering commitment to excellence and is known for her exceptional headhunting skills that help her attract top talent in tight job markets. She is also equally passionate about coaching and developing her team to achieve their career goals and personal best. On a personal level, she loves to travel and is committed to visiting Africa every few years to experience the animals of the Savanna. Mel’s hobbies include obtaining her undergraduate degree in environmental science, volunteering as a Docent for the new wildlife crossing with Cougar Conservancy and the National Wildlife Federation, and tracking mountain lion behavior and sharing data with local wildlife organizations.


Jaclyn Strong

Senior Recruiter & Client Success Captain

Jaclyn is an accomplished Recruiter and a 3rd generation Angeleno, who now resides in Santa Barbara, CA. Known for her strategic thinking, relationship-building prowess, and motivational spirit, Jaclyn has made significant strides in building teams and scaling operations, especially within finance, IT, and technology. Her innate ability to connect with diverse individuals emanates from her extensive background in events. This experience also sparked her passion for singing, which she still pursues today. Throughout her career, Jaclyn has built her brand on excellence, consistently delivering results, and discovering exceptional talent while surpassing expectations and maintaining budget constraints. Her passion for people extends beyond the corporate and sonic landscapes. As a Community Organizer for Shield the People, a movement of the Rosebud Sioux Tribe, Jaclyn participated in the People’s Climate March in Austin with 350.org.

Today, Jaclyn enjoys seeing the world through her daughter’s eyes, with music always at the center of their shared experiences.


Nicole Christ-Frederick


Nicole Christ-Frederick is a skilled and dynamic recruiter from Queens, New York. Her expertise in flexible workspace and client services, coupled with an intuitive grasp of diverse industries, enables her to deftly place gifted professionals in all functional areas of accounting, digital marketing, construction, real estate, and web development. Her commitment to quality, paired with an exceptional level of empathy and a tenacious work ethic, ensures that both clients and candidates benefit from her impactful results. Moreover, she is a true believer in cultivating meaningful and lasting relationships with her team and professional circle, as she values the significance of genuine human connections.

When she’s not building bridges in the professional realm, Nicole enjoys indulging in her personal interests. She finds culinary inspiration in the kitchen, immerses herself in literature, and cherishes quality time with her husband and children. Her aspirations include international travel, earning her bachelor’s degree, and self-publishing her collection of poetry.

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